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Sharing the Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise with SUCCESS!

Invite your contacts to take a look at sharing Juice Plus+ with others…

This is great verbiage to invite someone to your team and as an intro to your business story…

“I don’t know if this is for you, but I thought of you because…_______________. If I could show you how… (you could bring in a good second income from home right along side what you are already doing – be able to stay home with your kids… – pick a need that the VF can meet that is important to them) would you be willing to hop on the phone with me to a 10 minute overview & take a peek at this (or get on a webinar with me…) ? If you like what you see, we can take the next step. If not, no hard feelings, fair enough?”

Fill in the blank with something you know about them or that you learned in conversation(you’re enjoying your Juice Plus, you love nutrition, you love helping people, I think you are awesome and would LOVE working with you, you want to work from home etc.-pick one)

Let them know that you are “Working on a special project and Creating an ‘Inner Circle’ of just 5 awesome people! And, their name keeps popping up whenever you think of who those 5 will be, because_______(their awesome attributes – why you would want to spend time with them…). Then ask the same ‘If I could show you how…_________, would you be willing to_______________’ statement. Only use this if this is true for you, but if it is – it’s POWERFUL! 
Tools to help you build belief in & share value of the Wellness Industry and NSA

A Tale Of Two Industries by Paul Zane Pilzer

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Success Home – Paul Zane Pilzer

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